ThreeBond TB6721 Car Air-Cond Evaporator Cleaner 300ml


Three Bond 6721 is a cleaner for evaporator. Evaporator is a heat exchange unit on the air-con system of the automobile. Molds and bacteria on the evaporator will cause bad smell in car. Threebond 6721 is a foam cleaner. It is able to remove dust, molds and bacteria easily.


  • Easy handling without the use of special tools.
  • The aerosol can contain more than 10L of foam cleaner, which is able to clean the evaporator completely.
  • The aerosol can is able to emit a continuous jet spray by a twist of the nozzle. There is no need to keep pressing the nozzle for foam to be release from can.


  • Before cleaning, please check if the car has a filter for the air conditioner with the car manual. If the car has it, please remove according to the instructions from the manual. After that, please cover the air con filter socket with tape before cleaning.
  • The position of air intake depends on the type of car. Please check before cleaning.
  • If foam is coming out from the air outlet of the air conditioner, please stop the injection. Continue running the blower (fan) for 10mins and please ventilate.
    • In this case, please prevent the foam from staining the seats.

Package Size: 300ml

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