High Pressure Hose

The high pressure hose line, called “Exceed”, was developed by Yokohama for the end user. The Exceed line fully complies with the highest pressure and length according to SAE standards and numerous international standards. The hoses are extremely light and offer superior flexibility. In addition, the “made in Japan” product has a tighter bend radius and makes it possible to reduce the encumbrance on machinery for indoor and outdoor use. The hoses are produced according to the international standards ISO 18752 making the choice of product simple and f ast for the end user.

  1. HALF THE BEND RADIUS The bend radius of the series Exceed is half of the conventional spiral hose type SAE. It also provides great flexibility and it’s easy to use.

  2. SMALLER O.D. Smaller O.D. enables you to fit more hose in tight quarters or helps you jump up a hose size for better flow characteristics.

  3. IMPULSE TEST PERFORMANCE Exceed hose by Yokohama is superior in performance and service life.

  4. MORE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Yokohama is one of the most important player in the OEM business. For the retail market this means high possibility of replacing the hoses mounted on several machines and applications with the hoses ISO series Exceed. Compatibility and security are guaranteed.

  5. CONSTANT PRESSURE Made to ISO 18752-DC hose specifications, all the Exceed series provides constant pressure performance across all sizes.

  6. HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE The highly abrasion-resistant cover of the Exceed series delivers long, dependable service life in rigorous and/or remote installations.

  7. LIGHTER HOSE This compact design of the Exceed series weighs 25% less than conventional spiral hoses. A lighter hose helps improve fuel economy, reduces shipping costs, is easier to handle and easier to install.

  8. REDUCE YOUR INVENTORY Where 5000/6000 (350/420 BAR) psi applications were each previously covered by up to three SAE hose types, Yokohama ISO series Exceed, with just two hose types, covers the same applications reducing the hose inventory.


Inner Tube : Oil resistance synthetic rubber
Reinforcement : High-tensile steel wire
Outer Cover : Abrasion&weather resistant synthetic rubber


Hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils

Operating Temperature Range

-40~120˚C – 40~248˚F(W/S)
-40~100˚C – 40~212˚F(W/B)